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This Wiki is for both Middle School Art and HS Advanced/Independent Study Art students.

  • Seventh graders have Art 5 days a week for one quarter each year.
  • Eighth graders have Art 4 days a week for one semester each year.
  • HS students who have already taken Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, and/or Photography can take advanced levels of these courses independently, or prepare a portfolio for collages or potential clients and employers.

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Mr. Mallory is licensed in Iowa to teach K-12 Art, 7-12 American and World History, and 7-12 Psychology and certified to teach Web Design for college credit. Mallory holds a BSEd from Concordia University. He's taught Newspaper and Yearbook and coaches cheerleading. He has a Lutheran Teacher's Diploma, so he could teach Religion or Theology in a parochial school.

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