Deconstruct a cow.gifThree(3)-Step Abstraction

(AKA- "Deconstruction")

  1. First, find an image that's about 4"x5" that's not too complicated, but not too simple.
  2. Fold a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper in half twice, creating four equally sized rectangles for yourself
  3. Glue your original image (preferably in the top-left corner)
  4. Next to it, draw it as accurately and realistically as you are able. Take your time and draw slowly. If it helps, you may want to look at it upside-down. You'll be surprised at how much easier that is and how much better most people are then able to draw just about anything.
  5. Now, in the lower, left quadrant, draw it again, but this time, abstract it. That is, simplify it and feel free to stylize it some. In other words, make it more "cartoony."
  6. Finally, in the last quadrant, simplify it even more. In fact, try to boil the image down into it's most simple, geometric shapes- to the point that it almost seems "non-objective," that is, to the point where viewers can no longer tell what it is you were abstracting.


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